A lot of buyers and sellers are asking me how to move forward in this time of the coronavirus. Here are some quick tips on how I continue to provide my services in a safe and effective way.

We took a trip to visit with Shane Garret of Garret Painting, Mid-Missouri’s premier painting contractor. Shane showed us around Columbia, MO and some of the projects he and his team had been working on.

If There’s One Thing You Should Do for Your Real Estate Business, It’s This… There’s a saying at RE/MAX: the more you learn, the more you earn. And with less than four years in real estate and already a Platinum Club level agent, self-described “education… continue reading

If you are thinking about selling your home in 2020 here are some quick tips to get you started. I also do a quick market update on how the real estate market has started off the year.

I was recently interviewed by Brightech, check out the interview below: Andrea from Andrea Lutz Homes is a jill of all trades, literally. She started out managing a floral shop and blogging part-time. And now, 18 years later she is an interior designer, blogger and… continue reading

Alright! Time to pack up your stuff and move into your new home. Here are some tips on being organized for the move, taking a final walkthrough of your new property and preparing for the closing table. Transcription:              … continue reading

I hear a lot about reduce, reuse, recycle, but I can’t say I hear a lot about repair. It’s true, we live in a disposable society and things aren’t made the way they used to be. It’s also true people aren’t investing in quality clothing… continue reading

So you have an accepted offer and you’re ready for what’s next. In this video, I walk you through what you expect when having your house inspected and appraised. Buying a house doesn’t have to be scary. Learn what to expect in this video series…. continue reading

So you’ve found a home you really love, now what?? In this video, I help you understand the terms of the offer, how to negotiate and once your offer is accepted, what to do next.   Transcription:   Hey everyone, it’s Andrea Lutz and today… continue reading

When you own a home there is always something to do. I try to do a little every month so it doesn’t all come at once. If you want a list to live by, check out my post called “Your Homes New Year’s Resolutions“. Come… continue reading

Wow, you’re almost there. You have accepted an offer on your home, negotiated inspection, appraisal is done and now you just need to get ready to move. Here are the very last things you need to consider before you leave your home to the new… continue reading

So, you finally have an accepted offer. Congratulations! Now comes the time when your buyers will have an inspection and the bank will order the appraisal. Here’s what to expect.

Congratulations!! You have an offer. Now what? Make sure you understand all of the terms of the offer. You are able to negotiate any term in the contract, so make sure you’re happy with the terms before you proceed. In this video, I run through… continue reading

After you have the repairs done and the home is ready to show fill out the contract with your agent and get it up on the MLS and out to the internet. Also, be sure to always do a quick clean before every showing to… continue reading

There is nothing like having birds and bees in your garden, so give them a reason to be there. For this One Drink Project I used terra cotta pots to create a three-level bird bath fountain so all the birds would have a place to… continue reading

Gardening can seem like a big task when you don’t know where to start, but with only a few small projects you can transform the front of your house from drab to inviting. Clean Flower Beds – Most homes have an area for planting in… continue reading

My current home is house #4 for me so I’m no stranger to making the long list of must haves vs. wants when shopping for a home. This time around, I wanted a large backyard for my young children (then 4 and 6) to run… continue reading

Torlando Hakes and I dig into the recent renovation at the Dimension Mill in downtown Bloomington, Indiana. We speak to some of the tradespeople who were involved in making this building beautiful again.   All right, we’re super excited. We’re here at the Dimension Mill… continue reading

Hey, everyone. It’s Andrea Lutz, and I’m here today to talk to you about buying a house. Once you get your pre-approval and you find a great realtor, you’re up to the really fun part. You have to go out there and go shopping. That… continue reading

Hey everyone, it’s Andrea Lutz, and I am here with One Drink Project. Today, I’m here to talk to you about houseplants. I have Lager, by Heretic today. Give it a shot. I love houseplants. I have a little bit of an addiction. I like… continue reading

Buying a house, especially when you are a first time home buyer can be super intimidating. This second video talks about how to find a great Realtor who can help you through the process.   Transcription:   Hey everyone, it’s Andrea Lutz, and I’m here… continue reading

Buying a house can be intimidating so I’ll walk you through step by step what you need to do to buy a house. In this video, I discuss going to meet with a loan officer to get pre-approved for the purchase amount of your home…. continue reading

Hey y’all, it’s Andrea Lutz, and I am going to make a bird feeder. Before we get started, let’s not forget the most important bit, the beer. I have Avery’s Maharaja IPA. Cheers. Let’s get this project started. I have a lot of mason jars… continue reading

I love hosting and I enjoy providing my guests with a delish drink while they visit. In this video I show you the simple steps I take to organize my home bar. Have fun! Video Transcription Hey, friends, it’s Andrea Lutz, and I’m here with… continue reading

Here we are at the first of the year and it’s that time again for reflecting on the past year and looking forward to the year ahead. As long as I can remember I have been creating some form of vision boards. I find it… continue reading

First impressions are super important when you go to sell your home. Make sure the house is in tip top shape, super clean and staged. In this video, I go through some of the most important things to consider when you are ready to list… continue reading

It may be unpopular, but I love it when the weather turns cool and I get to break out my sweaters and scarves. This time of year my home also gets wrapped up with lights, holiday décor and fresh evergreens. Years ago, I owned a… continue reading

If your towels smell nasty, don’t throw them out! Use this simple solution to get them smelling fresh again.

November is a month for family and friends and hosting Thanksgiving is something I look forward to every year. Making my Thanksgiving table casual and welcoming is important so all my guests feel at home during their visit. Instead of a crowded overdone display I… continue reading

I had to make a flower arrangement for my fall table so I thought I’d video tape for you all to see. It’s fun and easy to put together a floral centerpiece. For this one I used marroon mums and alstroemeria, mauve stock, green hydrangea… continue reading

Andrea Lutz: Hey, everyone. It’s Andrea Lutz and I’m here today at Sycamore Land Trust’s home office at Cedar Crest because we are painting some walls. And I’m here to meet Torlando Hakes with Color Theory because he is generously donating his time to make… continue reading

Selling your home is hard… here is a series to help you work through the important steps to selling your home quickly and easily. The first step is finding a qualified real estate agent. Be sure to interview 2-3 agents and ask them the same… continue reading

No doubt you’ve seen photos of lavish, over the top porch designs. Not only do the designs appear complicated and hard to replicate, but they can also be terribly expensive. Well, I’m here to tell you a beautiful fall front porch doesn’t need to break… continue reading

I love shopping downtown and one of my favorite shops is Goods for Cooks. Today I will be speaking with the new owners Sam Eibling and George Huntington about what makes their shop special.

As many of you know I had a flower shop in town for over 11 years. With being an entrepreneur comes hanging on to company files, usually for a minimum of 7 years. I recently decided our basement was getting a little out of control…. continue reading

If you love bread as much as I do, then you’ll appreciate a recipe that doesn’t break your back but will impress all your guests. At this point I don’t even remember where I first found this recipe but I have never looked back. This… continue reading

 Don’t worry, Diego sat in the backseat with the kiddos. Summer is the season for packing up the car and heading out for vacation. Whether you are someone who rents a home, camps, or goes on long road trips there is something to be said… continue reading

Even for folks who are not so craft-oriented recovering pillows is a basic skill level sewing project. All you need is a sewing machine, some fabric, pillow forms, and a little bit of patience (actually, patience is optional). I had some beautiful woven Ikat feather… continue reading

Today I talk with Abby Henkel about Sycamore Land Trust.

I think we can all agree that we have a love hate relationship with our garages!! They are like deep kitchen drawers. It seems there are so many things that perfectly belong in that space, but when you go to look for them they are… continue reading

This week I was working with a client who was ready to sell her home and I noticed a stain on her laminate countertop. It wasn’t huge and but small things like that can really deter a buyer. The first thing they will think of… continue reading

It’s true, I love to throw a good party. This year I thought I’d do something a little different. Instead of the usual friends and family pitch in, I decided to invite my whole neighborhood. I enjoy a good deep spring cleaning and often I… continue reading

Sit down, grab a beer and let’s chat about how to make you the strongest buyers you can be this spring. Reach out if I can help at all.

Loren Wood takes a break from his busy schedule to chat with us about his business, remodeling, new construction, and tiny homes. 

The weather is starting to turn and with warmer temps comes different activities. Here in the Midwest spring is highly anticipated and people get anxious to get outside. I’ve put together a short list of things that you can do now to prepare for spring,… continue reading

I talk with Gabe Gloden, Kate Galvin and Rachel Glago at Cardinal Stage Company in Bloomington, Indiana to learn more about what makes Cardinal special.

I was out and about meeting with a friend the other day and I was totally blown away by the beauty of Owen County. I spend most of my time in Bloomington and Monroe County, but I work with real estate in Owen, Greene and… continue reading

I’m here to tell you…. you don’t need to have a lot of money to improve your home. It’s easy to fall into the trap that you need thousands of dollars to renovate a room, but that simply isn’t true. Case in point, this little… continue reading

Ongoing maintenance of a home can be hard to keep track of. With busy lives and complicated schedules, it’s easy to forget important tasks that keep your home tiptop. Coming into the new year, we hear talk of personal goals and resolutions, so why not… continue reading

Find Susan’s full blog article on the recipe to make your place a home HERE. Video Transcription: Andrea Lutz:                     Hey everyone, it’s Andrea Lutz with RE/MAX Acclaimed Properties, and I get emails and calls from you guys constantly asking for quick design tips on how… continue reading

I must admit I am a total sucker for color. I love adding a splash of color or pattern to a room to create a fun and energized space. No one refutes that color and texture change the way a person feels, so why are… continue reading

Hosting for the holidays can feel like a huge burden. Even with relaxed relatives and easy food to prepare, there is always a ton to do. I always host Thanksgiving and Christmas but I do it two different ways. On Thanksgiving, I pull out the… continue reading

Video Transcription: Andrea Lutz:                     Hi, everyone. It’s Andrea Lutz with Re/max Acclaimed Properties here in Bloomington, Indiana, and today I’m here with Jeff Goldin who is the owner of Goldin Appraisal Group. And he’s here to help me discuss the difference between an appraisal, an… continue reading

I meet with people to discuss design all the time. The most common concern I hear from people is that they don’t know where to start. It may seem oversimplified but start with what you love. I understand that not everyone is passionate about decor… continue reading

Today I am meeting with Cheryl Smith the owner of Consider it Done. She can help with a load of tasks including packing boxes for moving or getting your home organized. In this video she shares some tips to get ready for the holidays. Video… continue reading

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love that I can dress up like a total goof, pull out the sewing machine and make homemade costumes and decorate my house in ridiculous ways. This year my son wanted a classic white sheet ghost costume… continue reading

Many will say that we are dealing with the strongest seller’s market we’ve had for decades. Well, what does that mean? In a nutshell, it means that it’s easier to sell a house than buy a house and that the seller will get the better… continue reading

This morning I take a sunrise balloon ride in the famous RE/MAX balloon. Monroe County has never looked better.

This is a companion piece to my Harvest Moon Flower Farm Spotlight, a video I recently released interviewing the owner of Harvest Moon Flower Farm, Linda Champman.  One of my first jobs was a floral assistant. I worked weddings most Saturday’s through high school, pinning… continue reading

In this business spotlight I speak with Linda Chapman, owner of Harvest Moon Flower Farms in Spencer, Indiana to learn about the history of the farm and a few tips on how to care for cut flowers in your home. Video Transcription: Andrea Lutz:                     Hi… continue reading

If you are a parent of a school aged child you know this time of year is fraught with back to school preparations. Purchases of sneakers, lunch boxes, pencils and rainbow-colored pocket folders fill your days. In my house, it is also a time for… continue reading

  Here in Monroe County, today is the first day of school. Growing up a Michigan girl, August was still full-on summer. Our family vacations were always in August and school was the last thing on our minds. Even so, I have to admit that… continue reading

Moving with pets definitely requires a little extra organization. I have had pets since just a few weeks after I purchased my first home so I understand first hand how these little monsters can influence a move. Here is some advice I give to my… continue reading

Photo Credit: The Old Farmer’s Almanac Well it’s been a beat since I put in my new raised bed veggie garden and I wanted to give you an update. After buying great top quality soil, well tended plants and supplies I felt like it would… continue reading

In the world of home improvement, some projects are inspired by great designs and others strictly out of need. For some time we have had a very small leak in our roof. Three different times we had roofers out and three different times it leaked again…. continue reading

Unfortunately, cleaning your home is something you have to do somewhat regularly. I can’t say I have a lot of passion for cleaning, but I can say I LOVE A CLEAN HOME! Here are a few tricks I’ve learned from over the years that may… continue reading

This week I had the opportunity to take a few people on a tour around town who were considering moving here for a job. Instead of selling them a home it was more like selling them Bloomington. For me this is an easy task. I… continue reading

As I’ve mentioned before I have a love of paint. I just think it’s so excellent that you can spend a little money on a can of paint and totally transform a space or an item. Painting furniture can be arduous to say the least…. continue reading

Any excuse to be outside is a good excuse, so I’ve always been one to find a way to keep myself busy outdoors. I wouldn’t say I was always into gardening, but my mother certainly showed me the ropes and through the seasons I grew… continue reading

I’ve already mentioned my obsession with painting, but even if you don’t share my sickness many of you will come across painting that will need to be done in your home at one time or another. One project that is generally inexpensive but can totally… continue reading

Buying a house usually means buying a few trees as well. Every house I’ve owned (now on #4) has needed a good deal of upkeep regarding the trees on the property. Sometimes they are dead, sometimes they have limbs running into the house and sometimes… continue reading

Other than the tacky wallpaper, and the horrible kitchen, the fireplace mantel was one of the first projects I wanted to take on when I moved to my current home 5 years ago. I’m still not sure exactly why it bothered me so much, the… continue reading

I have to admit I’m a bit of a indoor gardener. I love gardening outside no doubt, but the control and comfort available to nurturing indoor houseplants really appeals to me, not to mention the wonderful benefit they offer by cleaning your indoor air and… continue reading

Spring is a time for cleaning up and cleaning out. Purging well loved, but no longer needed items is one of my favorite things. I prefer only having possessions that are useful or bring me happiness. At least once a year I go through all… continue reading

A few years back my girlfriend was going to dump an old couch. She knew I was a fan of vintage finds so she asked if I might want it. At first glance it wasn’t much to look at. Flame retardant 70’s material and played… continue reading

Some of my absolute favorite ladies.  Left to Right: My sister-in-law Rachel, nieces Sidney and Olivia and my sister Michele. Today has been named International Women’s Day, and I’m all for it. In the days leading up to today, I’ve heard conversations of women who… continue reading

I love being outdoors and I love gardening. Today represents one of my favorite days in the year… the day to rake up the dead leaves, cut back the old blooms and make way for fresh starts. Cutting back my perennials gives me great satisfaction…. continue reading

There are many choices when it comes to buying paint and I’ve run through the list. For some time now I’ve been buying all my paint from Bloomington Paint and Wallpaper – our local Benjamin Moore dealer. I always look forward to when suppliers release… continue reading

The “Sweetbun” stirrin’ up some sweetness It’s that time of year for candy and gifting. When you have kiddos you are forced to get back into the Valentines spirit and make heart shaped things happen. This year my daughter (aka my Sweetbun) was asked by… continue reading

Use neutral paint to show off colorful accents. Choosing paint colors may be one of the hardest things to do in home design. That earthy clay pot color you chose at the paint shop could be utterly pepto pink when you slap it on the… continue reading

If you know me, you know that my interest in home improvement never wanes. Two years ago I decided I couldn’t live with my kitchen island another day. I had already tiled my backsplash (seafoam penny tile), replaced my countertops (Hyde Park quartz), purchased new… continue reading

It’s easy to get obsessed with Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware catalogs, but the best way to decorate your home ISN’T to decorate it like anyone else’s. I’ve seen it time and time again, people getting completely paralyzed in making decisions about pillows or curtains…. continue reading

Even if you aren’t planning on selling your home, and especially if you are, curb appeal is always an important aspect of your home design. This is your homes first impression. Outdoor design can be tricky in the Midwest winters with the cold weather and… continue reading

Alright, so maybe I am a bit compulsive when it comes to my home. I like things tidy, and organized. This holiday has been a good one, but now it’s over and I’m ready to reclaim my living room. Here are some tips for keeping… continue reading

Over the 20+ years I worked with events and florals I will tell you that I became quite particular about my holiday tree. Some years I was a purest, only white and gold. Other years I would add punches of magenta and chartreuse with large… continue reading