I hear a lot about reduce, reuse, recycle, but I can’t say I hear a lot about repair. It’s true, we live in a disposable society and things aren’t made the way they used to be. It’s also true people aren’t investing in quality clothing… continue reading

There is nothing like having birds and bees in your garden, so give them a reason to be there. For this One Drink Project I used terra cotta pots to create a three-level bird bath fountain so all the birds would have a place to… continue reading

Hey everyone, it’s Andrea Lutz, and I am here with One Drink Project. Today, I’m here to talk to you about houseplants. I have Lager, by Heretic today. Give it a shot. I love houseplants. I have a little bit of an addiction. I like… continue reading

Hey y’all, it’s Andrea Lutz, and I am going to make a bird feeder. Before we get started, let’s not forget the most important bit, the beer. I have Avery’s Maharaja IPA. Cheers. Let’s get this project started. I have a lot of mason jars… continue reading

I love hosting and I enjoy providing my guests with a delish drink while they visit. In this video I show you the simple steps I take to organize my home bar. Have fun! Video Transcription Hey, friends, it’s Andrea Lutz, and I’m here with… continue reading

It may be unpopular, but I love it when the weather turns cool and I get to break out my sweaters and scarves. This time of year my home also gets wrapped up with lights, holiday décor and fresh evergreens. Years ago, I owned a… continue reading

If your towels smell nasty, don’t throw them out! Use this simple solution to get them smelling fresh again.

November is a month for family and friends and hosting Thanksgiving is something I look forward to every year. Making my Thanksgiving table casual and welcoming is important so all my guests feel at home during their visit. Instead of a crowded overdone display I… continue reading

Andrea Lutz: Hey, everyone. It’s Andrea Lutz and I’m here today at Sycamore Land Trust’s home office at Cedar Crest because we are painting some walls. And I’m here to meet Torlando Hakes with Color Theory because he is generously donating his time to make… continue reading

No doubt you’ve seen photos of lavish, over the top porch designs. Not only do the designs appear complicated and hard to replicate, but they can also be terribly expensive. Well, I’m here to tell you a beautiful fall front porch doesn’t need to break… continue reading