My current home is house #4 for me so I’m no stranger to making the long list of must haves vs. wants when shopping for a home. This time around, I wanted a large backyard for my young children (then 4 and 6) to run… continue reading

I had to make a flower arrangement for my fall table so I thought I’d video tape for you all to see. It’s fun and easy to put together a floral centerpiece. For this one I used marroon mums and alstroemeria, mauve stock, green hydrangea… continue reading

The weather is starting to turn and with warmer temps comes different activities. Here in the Midwest spring is highly anticipated and people get anxious to get outside. I’ve put together a short list of things that you can do now to prepare for spring,… continue reading

Ongoing maintenance of a home can be hard to keep track of. With busy lives and complicated schedules, it’s easy to forget important tasks that keep your home tiptop. Coming into the new year, we hear talk of personal goals and resolutions, so why not… continue reading

This is a companion piece to my Harvest Moon Flower Farm Spotlight, a video I recently released interviewing the owner of Harvest Moon Flower Farm, Linda Champman.  One of my first jobs was a floral assistant. I worked weddings most Saturday’s through high school, pinning… continue reading

In this business spotlight I speak with Linda Chapman, owner of Harvest Moon Flower Farms in Spencer, Indiana to learn about the history of the farm and a few tips on how to care for cut flowers in your home. Video Transcription: Andrea Lutz:                     Hi… continue reading

Photo Credit: The Old Farmer’s Almanac Well it’s been a beat since I put in my new raised bed veggie garden and I wanted to give you an update. After buying great top quality soil, well tended plants and supplies I felt like it would… continue reading

Any excuse to be outside is a good excuse, so I’ve always been one to find a way to keep myself busy outdoors. I wouldn’t say I was always into gardening, but my mother certainly showed me the ropes and through the seasons I grew… continue reading

I have to admit I’m a bit of a indoor gardener. I love gardening outside no doubt, but the control and comfort available to nurturing indoor houseplants really appeals to me, not to mention the wonderful benefit they offer by cleaning your indoor air and… continue reading

I love being outdoors and I love gardening. Today represents one of my favorite days in the year… the day to rake up the dead leaves, cut back the old blooms and make way for fresh starts. Cutting back my perennials gives me great satisfaction…. continue reading