Cleaning Countertop Stains

April 25, 2018

This week I was working with a client who was ready to sell her home and I noticed a stain on her laminate countertop. It wasn’t huge and but small things like that can really deter a buyer. The first thing they will think of is the money they would need to pay on top of the purchase price of the home to replace the countertops. She mentioned it was from a cast iron pot… so a rust stain. I told her I had a few tricks up my sleeve and I would try to get it out for her.

A few days later I went by the home armed with a lemon and a box of baking soda. I squeezed the juice of the lemon into a bowl and made a paste by adding baking soda until I obtained the right consistency. Then I used the paste to scrub gently on the stain. I actually couldn’t believe how quickly the stain vanished. If the stain is stubborn, you can always leave the paste on for 15-20 minutes and allow the baking soda to pull the stain out of the porous surface.

I had some leftover paste so I used it to clean up the sink. It was a porcelain sink and it had scrapes and stains in the bowl. The lemon paste made quick work of it and made it look clean and fresh.

It’s amazing what a few things out of the pantry can do. You don’t always need an expensive cleaner to do a top-notch job.