Giving Back

When buying or selling with me a portion of my commission will go to a local charity of your choice.

Merriam-Webster defines community as:
“A unified body of individuals as the people with common interest living in a particular area.”

I believe community is critically important and working together to improve our town is one of our duties as residents. Research the local charities below to decide where you would like me to donate on your behalf.

Sycamore Land Trust

Sycamore Land Trust protects and restores the beautiful natural heritage of southern Indiana. Our nature preserves offer opportunities for outdoor recreation and environmental education.

Sycamore is a regional non-profit organization founded in 1990. As of January 2016, we have protected more than 90 properties totaling nearly 9,000 acres.

We protect land through ownership or holding conservation easements to limit harmful uses while allowing land to remain in private ownership (for details, see Preserve Your Land). Sycamore also operates an Environmental Education Program that connects people of all ages to nature.

Backpack Buddies

We provide backpacks of weekend food to selected low-income children at eighteen local schools. Children receive a backpack of food each week to help their families with their weekend food needs. We are currently providing this service at Fairview, Summit, Arlington, Clear Creek, Grandview, Highland Park, Templeton, Binford, Rogers, University, and Lakeview Elementary Schools, Edgewood Primary and Intermediate, The Project School, Harmony, Tri-North Middle School, Bloomington North and South. We have approximately 400 children enrolled in this program. Download information or a food list.

Monroe County Community Kitchen


Monroe County Humane Association

The MCHA is an independent 501c(3) nonprofit organization that receives no government funding or regular funding from national organizations. While the MCHA does participate in hands on rescue work with local and regional law enforcement agencies, the MCHA is not an animal shelter, but an animal welfare and advocacy organization.

The MCHA established and ran what is now the City of Bloomington Animal Shelter in the 1950’s – 2000’s, along with hiring the first animal control officers and obtaining a humane shelter certification for the shelter in the early days of animal sheltering. The two organizations have shared space, staff, programs and visions of a humane community since the late 1950’s. While the City of Bloomington Animal Shelter is fully funded by tax dollars, there are many things needed to strategically address a wide variety of animal related issue in our community, in addition to sheltering homeless animals.

Today the MCHA provides services and programs working in concert with the City of Bloomington Animal Shelter, PetsAlive, local veterinary clinics, national advocacy organizations and other partners to identify, build resources and create solutions for animal welfare issues.