Compulsive Christmas Clean Up

December 27, 2016

Alright, so maybe I am a bit compulsive when it comes to my home. I like things tidy, and organized. This holiday has been a good one, but now it’s over and I’m ready to reclaim my living room. Here are some tips for keeping those cherished baubles protected for their next performance in 2017.

Use those awesome 6 bottle wine carriers you get at the grocery to conveniently store delicate ornaments or decorations. (If you aren’t a consumer, check with one of your wine drinking friends. It’s likely they have one too many stuck in a closet somewhere).

All those amazon boxes you found on your doorstep this season are great heavy duty boxes for storage. Re-use those suckers – and all the tissue and craft paper that came with them.

Organize decorations in zones. Put all your Christmas tree ornaments in like boxes (or label them), put outdoor lights in another, mantel decorations in another. Last year I was hasty and couldn’t find all of my tree ornaments and had to root around in random boxes to locate them all (ok… you caught me… not THAT compulsive).

Try your best to edit before you store. Get rid of damaged decorations, broken lights and pull out any items you aren’t going to use again and donate.

Leave yourself a little sparkle. If you are anything like me you want a little twinkle to carry you through New Years Eve. I’ll leave a string or two of lights out just to keep the mood festive through the holiday.

Just a few little tips and tricks. Don’t let anyone give you hassle if you still have your tree up for Martin Luther King Jr. day – your house your rules!