DIY Bird Bath Fountain

June 27, 2019

There is nothing like having birds and bees in your garden, so give them a reason to be there. For this One Drink Project I used terra cotta pots to create a three-level bird bath fountain so all the birds would have a place to bathe and drink. I also make a shallow tier for the bees to hydrate. It’s easy, now I have bird and bee visitors every day. Delicious drink today is Sweetwater Hop Hash Easy IPA.




Here we get going on our new project, bird bath. Birds are wonderful to have in your garden, they can eat pests, and it’s just wonderful watching them. I just love having some birds and some friends. And we’re also going to do what we can to provide a little water for our bee friends as well, because they pollinate my peppers, and my zucchini, and my tomatoes, and all the things that we love to eat. So we want to have them around as well. So let’s get started. I’ve got my Terracotta pots, and my supplies all ready, and I’ll take you through it.

I went to my local hardware store, and I found a variety of different pots sizes, and saucers. And I just built it up right there on the floor until I had a style and the size that I was really looking for. So I got some pots, and I also got a big saucer. And the most important bit, this fountain pump, this is what’s going to bring the water from the bottom of the fountain all the way to the top, and create a nice fresh flow of water to my fountain. So let me show you step-by-step how I’m going to make this.

So the thought is that I have all these different Terracotta pots, how is it all going to work? Well, I have this large pot, and I’m going to use this as the base. And then I have this large saucer, this is going to be actually where the birds and the bees can hang out and drink some water. Then I’m going to use this as a pedestal, and this will be the top of the fountain. So the water pump will stay right in here, and it’ll pump water up through here, and this is where the water will then spill over the side, so that I get that nice cascading action of the water.

What I did is I used this metal file, and I actually filed out divots on the side of these pots so that water would flow over the side nicely. Likewise, with this pedestal, I also devoted out these four spots so when it’s inverted, there’s enough space that water can get in and under, and the pump can grab it and push it up. So I know this is going to be pretty heavy, and probably without a whole lot of help, it’ll all stay in place. But just to help it out a little bit, I’m going to use some hot glue.

So what I did is I took my Terracotta pot, and I placed it how it’s going to be on my saucer. I traced it with a pencil, and now I’m going to use some hot glue, make an outline, and let it set just to give it some extra reinforcement. All right, so I did put down a paver underneath this fountain, just to make sure that it stayed level. You don’t want your bird fountain to kind of be all cockeyed, and then only come out one side. Or maybe even worse of all, fall over if there’s too much weight on one side.

So I did make sure that there was a paver underneath. I leveled that, and I put my base and my dish here ready to go. Now I’ve put my pump on the dish, and actually, you do have to buy some tubing, it’s not included with the pump, which I didn’t realize at first. But we got our tubing, and I’ve got that hooked up as well. And we’re ready to get our next part on the base. So here is our next bit. I did use some hot glue on this as well to attach the two pieces together, and make sure that they were well joined.

And I’m just going to put this tubing through this, make sure that it’s right where it needs to be, and then I can just put it down and into place. There we go. All right, so we finally have our fountain up and working, and I couldn’t be happier. I love how it gurgles up at the top, and it makes this lovely sound. I really like the sound of running water when I’m outside in the garden. One thing we did have to do to change to make this all work was we had to add a slightly deeper dish at the bottom. So now instead of the two tiers, we have three, and I like it even better. Make sure when you’re doing your design that you have a deep enough dish that that water level is above the pump.

So the other thing that I did is I made sure that the tubing at the top, there was hot glue all around it making it water tight. And voilĂ , adding some river rocks just to make it pretty, and we’re good to go. Well there you have it, it really wasn’t hard at all. And it only took one beer to get through this whole project. Three tiered DIY bird bath. And super bonus, on the lowest tier we have a nice little area here where it’s shallow for the bees to take a drink. So thanks so much guys for watching, don’t forget subscribe to my YouTube channel, and hit the bell for notifications, and we’ll see you next time.