DIY Mason Jar Birdfeeder

February 25, 2019

Hey y’all, it’s Andrea Lutz, and I am going to make a bird feeder.

Before we get started, let’s not forget the most important bit, the beer. I have Avery’s Maharaja IPA. Cheers. Let’s get this project started.

I have a lot of mason jars around. I used to be a floral designer. I love making flower arrangements in Ball jars, they’re so beautiful. They’re also really great for canning, which is kind of the way most people use Ball jars. The smaller ones are good for single serve drinks, and it seems like it would have the right capacity for all the feedy bits that the birdies would like. I also found some chain, this is just regular chain that you can buy at the hardware store. I have some rando wire that I will show what I’m gonna use later. And then this is the one that I actually did buy, I bought this little chick feeder at the local co-op. You can get these at any of the places that have rural supplies.

So the thought is, Ball jar, chick feeder, you see it coming along? It might work. First things first. I need to glue the top of this Ball jar onto this, so that we have one piece. A critical element on bird feeders, you have to be able to take off the container so you can fill it with more food. This will be one part, and this will be the other part, screw it together and we’ve got …

All right. So the first thing I really want to do is I want to attach this Ball jar top to the chick feeder, so we got one piece here and then when I want to screw this on, I can easily do that. If anybody out there knows a Ball jar, we’ve got two different pieces. This is the bit that has the seal, a lot of people throw this out after one use, and then this is the ring that you can use over and over. I really want this to be one piece as well, so I’m not having to fluster with it, so I’m kinda hoping I can make this work where I get some hot glue around the edge, that glues this to here, that glues this to here.

So I’ve got this little tweezers, I’m gonna try and use that to hold it while I’m dipping it into the hot glue and hopefully it doesn’t totally submerge and I don’t have to dive in after it. So I’m just gonna give it a little dip into the hot glue here. You gotta like really let it kind of drip off otherwise you’re gonna end up with way too much hot glue. All right, so I’m gonna put that into this without charring my fingers off and then I’m going to place it on top of this chick feeder and center it as best as I can. Now we wait.

I’m gonna show you how I’m gonna get this to hang from a tree, which was honestly … that was the bit that I was kinda like what? But we figured it out. So I have this piece of renegade wire. Basically what I did is I just used … these are actually tools that you can use when you’re making jewelry, but a regular pliers would work just fine as well, and what I did is I just used them to manipulate this wire so that it would fit that mouth of the Ball jar, just like this. See. And then what I did is, I have these like wire pieces … I’m sorry, these chain pieces and they’re … they have a nice space here where you can just kind of weave them right through this wire. And we use four pieces ’cause that all kind of … I feel like that will balance it okay and keep it stable for those birdies while they’re having their little snacks.

So we’ve got four pieces here, we got a couple extra. And then I’m gonna put this on here. I’m gonna actually use this [inaudible 00:03:46] here to kind of turn this wire and tighten it, and then I can move these around however I need to kind of equal out and spread out the weight. And these four will collect at the top and ta-da. It seems like it’s gonna work. So exciting.

All right, let’s get back to the top. So the thought is that if I drill a hole through here, the seed will go from the jar into the chick feeder and food for all the birds. The key here is to make the hole through here and I don’t know how much I trust myself with this drill. Do you trust me? Let’s give it a shot. So I’m just gonna do a hole right in the middle here and I think that’s gonna be big enough for the feed to go through. So, protective eyewear always, be safe with power tools. Here we go.

All right, well it’s done the trick. I’m gonna drill a little bit more and make the hole a little bit bigger. All right, so, got the hole in the Ball jar and all the way through the chick feeder, and just so you know, I didn’t buy a huge drill bit. I wasn’t sure how big of a hole I’d need, but you need a good size hole. I’d say it’s about the size of a nickel. So you need to have a good flow of this bird food.

Now, let’s see if this actually works. So let’s fill it up. Don’t want to spill it everywhere. Well it looks cute. Top on top, screw it on, this should work. Here we go, nice and tight, and oh here it is, it’s totally working. Yay. Oh my gosh, I’m so excited. And it’s not overflowing and it’s just the right amount for the birds to get. Oh my gosh, it’s great.

All right, well I’m gonna go put this in my tree. We just got a ton of snow over the weekend and the birds are probably really hungry. That’s what inspired me to do this project. So let’s go see how it looks out front.

We’re outside and I’m getting ready to put up my new bird feeder and the only thing I did since I saw you last was I did add this ring on top so all of my little chains here were neatly lined up and they wouldn’t all fall off every time I had to fill up the bird feeder. So there we go. And now I also have chain to add it to my tree. Stuck on this chain here and the ring on the bottom and wow, bird feeder action. All right birds, come get your food, it’s chow time.

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