Do something cool, watch a play

February 16, 2018

I talk with Gabe Gloden, Kate Galvin and Rachel Glago at Cardinal Stage Company in Bloomington, Indiana to learn more about what makes Cardinal special.

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Video Transcription:

Andrea Lutz:                     Hey everyone. It’s Andrea Lutz with RE/MAX Acclaimed Properties and I’m here at Cardinal Stage Company. I get questions all the time from you guys about what do you do in Bloomington? What makes Bloomington super cool? This is one of the things that makes Bloomington special and it’s definitely a thing you should put on your to-do list.

Rachel Glago:                   We’ve been around forever. Actually, it’s only just over ten years but it feels like we’ve been around forever. We put on so many productions, over 60 shows, kid shows as well as main stage shows for adults, classic to contemporary. And honestly, we just do a little bit of everything. We’re all really cool people, at least I like to think so. We have a very friendly environment. Come stop by our box office anytime. We’d love to meet you, talk to you, get to know you and what you’re interested in. And then we hope to see you at a show.

Kate Galvin:                      So my first Cardinal show was Peter Pan and it was a real thrill to spend each night at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater and see Cardinal families and kids walk in the door, excited to see the show. See little girls dressed up like Tinker Bell and really enjoying the holidays together. This is what great theater does. It brings people together and offers some time with their family.

Gabe Gloden:                  Think the experience of theater is just something that can’t be replicated at home on the couch or at a movie theater? There’s something really thrilling about seeing a story unfold with real live people before your very eyes and bring in music and amazing costumes and incredible scenic design. And we work with some of the best designers around the country. You have an experience that’s just more than memorable. It’s going to stay with you for a really long time.

Andrea Lutz:                     Well, there you have it. We’ve talked to Kate. We’ve talked to Gabe. And we’ve talked to Rachel and now we know all about Cardinal’s Stage. So check out the line, get some tickets, come down to a show. Hope to see you there. Have a great day, until next time.