Easy design tips to make your home look professionally decorated

December 29, 2017

Find Susan’s full blog article on the recipe to make your place a home HERE.

Video Transcription:

Andrea Lutz:                     Hey everyone, it’s Andrea Lutz with RE/MAX Acclaimed Properties, and I get emails and calls from you guys constantly asking for quick design tips on how you can make your house cute, vibrant, fresh, and just give it that little punch to make it feel updated and modern.

Andrea Lutz:                     I hunted down the expert here in Bloomington, Indiana, her name is Susan Yeley and if you don’t know her yet, you gotta look it up. She has a great design firm here in Bloomingtom, and she’s gonna give you a couple tips to freshen up your home.

Andrea Lutz:                     Susan, why don’t you tell us a little bit about your business and give us some tips?

Susan Yeley:                     Hi, thanks Andrea, and I like that I’m “The expert,” on these things. The truth is you’re the expert, but I’m gonna give you a few tips on how you can make your house really feel the way you need and want it to feel.

Susan Yeley:                     We have on our website, at susanyeleyinteriors.com a blog entry about the recipe for sprucing everything up and making it feel like your space. The key to making your house look like what you see on house and Instagram is layering, and we’re gonna talk about a lot of different kinds of layering.

Susan Yeley:                     First of all, layers of light. We like to talk about light in three layers. We like to talk about ambient light that lights up the space, so that would be your can lights, the stuff that isn’t otherwise down at your level.

Susan Yeley:                     Things like this lamp over here are human scale lighting, so that’s stuff that’s right about five foot six or so. Table lamps, pendant lamps come down into your space, then we have task lighting.

Susan Yeley:                     Task lighting is obviously anything that shoots down onto the task. That would be in a kitchen, your under cabinet lighting, or a reading lamp, sometimes a bedside lamp. Think about lighting, get all those layers, make sure you’ve accommodated all of them and you will notice a difference.

Susan Yeley:                     Then there’s layering of color. You can see around me that it doesn’t have to match exactly. You sort of want it not to match, you want things to look found and curated and not all purchased at one place, so you’re talking about a whole variety of art in a gallery wall, different kinds of colors and textures on a sofa. Plants texture, warm soft things with a little bit of wicker, with a little bit of something slick, that kind of layering of color makes a huge difference.

Susan Yeley:                     Don’t be afraid of it. Bring it in and see what you can do with it, and the most important thing is to love the pieces and if you love them, then they’re gonna match, they’re gonna go together.

Susan Yeley:                     Number three is texture, and I just touched on it a little bit, because texture and color, these things overlap. The things that you choose to mix in terms of color can also and should also mix in terms of texture.

Susan Yeley:                     You need stuff in your house that looks like you, that reflects who you are and who your family is. We built this beautiful studio that we’re so in love with last year, and my husband and my son promptly put up the dartboard. Not exactly what I would’ve chosen to put on my prime art wall, but it reflects our family, reflects who we are and the things that we value and the things that we enjoy. It’s fun and we play darts, so that’s good.

Susan Yeley:                     Go to my website, susanyeleyinteriors or give us a call, we are happy to help with all these kinds of things. If you buy things you love, they will work, that is my mantra on all these things.

Andrea Lutz:                     I think the big takeaway here is just go and find things that you really love. Find that fabric that you’re really drawn to, find those elements that you find fun, colorful, inspiring, put them in your home and you will love your home even more for it.

Andrea Lutz:                     Until next time guys, thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time.