Fall Houseplant Routine

November 6, 2019

When you own a home there is always something to do. I try to do a little every month so it doesn’t all come at once. If you want a list to live by, check out my post called “Your Homes New Year’s Resolutions“. Come fall, I get anxious to get the home ready for cool weather and spending much more hours indoors. This week I took a minute to get all my plants ready for the winter.

I love indoor gardening and having green around me all winter long certainly helps break up all the grey. One way I keep my plants happy and healthy is by giving them some attention twice a year. Here is my checklist for my fall plant checkup.

ONE – Use a soft wet rag and wipe down all the leaves. Dust quickly builds up on the leaves and makes it harder for the plant to absorb sunlight. Use a gentle touch, many leaves are delicate and can easily split or break.

TWO – Check to see if the plant is root-bound. Although spring is the best time to repot a plant, if the plant is doing very poorly because of a small pot it makes good sense not to wait. (here’s a post about repotting https://andrealutzhomes.com/how-to-pot-housplants/)

THREE – Top off the plant with fresh potting soil. Be sure to use the appropriate mix. Most plants are tropicals and use a general houseplant planting soil, but orchids and cacti will call for specialty soils. I usually just use a cup and loosely fill up potting soil around the plant. This will give the roots more room and the plant more nutrients over the winter months.

FOUR – Clean up decorative elements of the pot. Wipe off the pot, wash the saucer and if you use moss or stones on top be sure it looks tidy and replace when needed.

It won’t take you too long and your plants will be so very happy you took the time.

Reach out if you have any questions about houseplants. I love how cheery they make my space look and so enjoy the color they add to the home over the winter.