Front Yard Fence

June 14, 2019

My current home is house #4 for me so I’m no stranger to making the long list of must haves vs. wants when shopping for a home. This time around, I wanted a large backyard for my young children (then 4 and 6) to run around and play, but I didn’t get it. If you have ever bought a home you know you don’t usually get everything on your must-haves list. For me, a big lawn went by the wayside to get everything else I needed, school district, neighborhood, space, and layout. Instead, my home is located on a ravine with a sloping, wooded backyard and no space for doggos and kiddos to romp. I ended up with a small front yard lawn, great space for sunny picnics, garden time and dogs, but because it was on the small side I always had to keep the dogs on a leash. Now in year eight, I decided it was finally time to put up a fence so we could all lay around in the front yard, dogs off leash and enjoy our time together as a family.

So… after many hours of browsing on Pinterest, I found a cute picket design I really loved. To add to the beauty of the fence I decided it must have a prolific grouping of perennials to border it. If you’ve been following along, you know I am addicted to gardening and houseplants, so the fence gave me a great excuse to go out and purchase over 50 plants.

Damn… I love how it turned out. I worked with a great friend and longtime associate, Jon Ponto with Timber Carpentry. He understood my vision right away and executed it brilliantly. There is still work to do. I will need to stain the fence after it has some time to dry out and I need to fine tune the pathways and do a bit more mulching, but it’s getting close. I can’t wait until a few years pass and the perennials have time to fill in all the gaps and mingle the varieties.

The border is mixed, but I stuck with shades of pinks, purples, deep reds and blues. It was important to me to use mostly local varieties that would work well with the clay soil and sustain or resist deer nibbles. I chose, Liatris, Ornamental Onion, Coreopsis, Catmint, Yarrow, Coneflower, Iris, Beard Tounge, Lavender, Lambs Ear, and many others. I am so so very happy with how it all turned out. Like so many others who have just finished a project, I can confidently say, “I just wish I would have done it earlier.” Get after it folks. Enjoy your home and make it yours.