Garage Organization

May 17, 2018

I think we can all agree that we have a love hate relationship with our garages!! They are like deep kitchen drawers. It seems there are so many things that perfectly belong in that space, but when you go to look for them they are nowhere to be found, clutter completely takes over.

I pride myself as someone who is organized and tidy, but year after year the garage wins. Donations pile up, sleds, shovels, gardening tools… all the other tools. It drives me bonkers to even park in there, walking past piles I know I don’t have time to deal with right then.

I finally found a moment to take back my space and it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had been fearing.

First things first. We took every single thing out of the garage! EVERYTHING! We sorted it all into three piles, donate, trash and keep (you’ve heard this before). After that we took the keep pile and sorted it further to tools, gardening, toys, sports etc. Anything that wasn’t going to be used for the next 6 months we brought down into the basement (like the pile of sleds that accumulated over winter).

Next, I went to the hardware store to purchase some hangers. Since I had already sorted everything I knew what I had to buy. We had 4 bikes we wanted to hang, a ladder, shovels, rakes, and a bunch of tools. Since we had so many tools, we thought we would buy some pegboard so it would be versatile and easy to work with as we acquired more tools over the years.

When we got back with all our nifty hardware store finds we took a minute to fully clean out the garage. We swept it well and made sure cobwebs were eliminated from corners and ceilings.

We then installed all the hooks and the peg board and got everything back neatly in its new place.

I can’t say it was my favorite weekend project, but the results were fantastic, and now I can park in my garage without the grumble or the guilt. All in it took about 3 hours… not so bad for such an impactful result.

Best of luck abolishing your own clutter… you won’t regret it if you take the time to do it right.