Get Ready for the Holidays with Consider it Done

October 30, 2017

Today I am meeting with Cheryl Smith the owner of Consider it Done. She can help with a load of tasks including packing boxes for moving or getting your home organized. In this video she shares some tips to get ready for the holidays.

Video Transcription:

Andrea Lutz:                     Hi everyone, it’s Andrea Lutz with RE/MAX Acclaimed Properties, and I am here today with Cheryl Smith, who is the owner and founder of Consider It Done. And she has a great company, she helps people get ready to put their house on the market. She can also help people organize pack boxes and get ready to move, and all sorts of other things. You should check out her website. And I am here today to talk to her about getting ready for the holidays. It’s that time of the year, and she’s got all kinds of great, helpful tips and tricks for us to get ready for having people over and serving delicious foods. So I’m gonna have her talk about that now.

Cheryl Smith:                   Hey everybody, it’s Cheryl. And Andrea, thanks so much for having me on to your video for your site. It’s so exciting to talk about the holidays and all the things that you can do to help around the house. You know, we’ve got Halloween coming up, but I kind of want to focus on the Thanksgiving and the Christmastime. But actually, it’s time to stop for those.

Cheryl Smith:                   One of the things I suggest to people is to maybe start de-cluttering some of your closets. You might be having some guests over, you know, like Grandma’s coming, or you have an unexpected sister and brother-in-law that stop by. So get a closet or two ready. De-clutter, organize it, so you have a space for them to put their things when they come and you’re not panicked the night before, trying to find a spot.

Cheryl Smith:                   The other tip for inside is maybe get your carpets cleaned. You know, it doesn’t cost too much to get a carpet cleaned and in some certain areas, it kind of gives it a fresh look, that good smell, and it makes you feel good about your space when you have family come over.

Cheryl Smith:                   You know, Andrea mentioned the kitchen, and I love my kitchen and I love to cook. When you’re getting ready for the holidays, now’s the time to start creating your list. So if you’re hosting Thanksgiving, why not start thinking about what you’re going to be making? And more importantly, what might you ask other people to bring? But make a list of those items you need and start buying those things and keeping them on your shelf, so that if you’ve got cookies or breads to make, you can kind of get started on that. Throw those in your freezer, and then you can enjoy the holidays. I hate to see people so stressed through the holidays when it really should be a fun time.

Cheryl Smith:                   So, and the last tip is those Christmas cards, why not start addressing them right now? Get your labels printed up, get them on the envelope. Maybe you haven’t taken the picture yet, but go ahead and have those ready to go. And that’s something you can do with the kids or while you’re sitting around, you know, listening to music or watching some TV, and you can get those cards. And right after Thanksgiving, throw a stamp on them and, you’re all done and ready for the holidays. So just try to lighten your load through the holidays and help it be more stress-free for you so you can enjoy friends and family.

Andrea Lutz:                     Thanks so much, Cheryl. That was awesome. I’m so glad that you were able to share some of those tips with our viewers. And we’ll all get started early this time, and not be so stressed out at the very last minute.

Andrea Lutz:                     So thank again for watching, guys, and until next time, see ya around.