Hosting for the Holidays

November 29, 2017

Hosting for the holidays can feel like a huge burden. Even with relaxed relatives and easy food to prepare, there is always a ton to do.

I always host Thanksgiving and Christmas but I do it two different ways. On Thanksgiving, I pull out the big guns, huge turkey (this year 28 lbs.), fussy side dishes, desserts, candy, apps, you name it. I like a table that feels comfortable and relaxed yet pulled together. I want the food to be on point and everyone to have a great time. On Christmas, I keep it cool. Everyone brings a dish to share and we eat on the couch or the floor or in front of the tv. I like both events and more than anything, I enjoy seeing family and guests in my home.

Of course isn’t just about the food, it’s about HOSTING. Planning, cleaning, execution and all the rest of it. I try not to drive myself crazy with making the house perfect, but I’m sure if you asked my husband he would say I drive him crazy.

The bottom line is that you don’t have to have to have a perfectly clean home or a giant turkey to enjoy time with friends and family. I encourage you all to invite loved ones over regardless of the situation of your home. Do a cookie trade, or just watch a football game. Don’t let that one room that you still haven’t painted yet in the way of sharing great times with loved ones.

Here are some pics from this Thanksgiving. I wish I would have taken a few after our guests show up, but I do my best to put my phone down when I’m spending time with family.

Cheers to you during this holiday season. Regardless of what you celebrate or who you celebrate it with, take some time to enjoy those you love.

Here’s my Thanksgiving table before I lit the candles. All I did was clip some evergreens from the yard and put some votives in a few ball jars I had laying around.

Here’s a close up of my arrangement. I did add a plaid bow to give it a little color.

My son, Sam, helping with the sweet potato casserole.

My sweet bun, Claire, pouring in the rum cake batter.