How to Pot Housplants

April 21, 2019

Hey everyone, it’s Andrea Lutz, and I am here with One Drink Project. Today, I’m here to talk to you about houseplants. I have Lager, by Heretic today. Give it a shot. I love houseplants. I have a little bit of an addiction. I like to go shopping for houseplants. I like collecting houseplants and I like giving them as gifts. When I do, it seems to me that a lot of people are intimidated by potting plants and by keeping ’em alive.

Most plants come with one of these handy dandy things. It pretty much tells you everything you need to know. This is Anthurium. Anthurium are one of my favorites. They’re so easy to keep alive. They’re so hard to kill. Their pretty. They’ve got these breaths which are red, and bright, green shiny leaves. This is a tropical plant as most houseplants are. This one likes to be kept pretty moist, and likes to be watered pretty regularly.

There’s a couple key steps in keeping houseplants happy. Don’t forget to water ’em. Don’t water ’em too much. The thing that I always do is, I just touch the soil. If it’s damp, we’re good. If it’s dry, give it a drink. It’s really about as easy as it gets. I have all kinds of pots, because I have a plant addiction. With this one, I thought this blue pot would be really pretty. It fits so well. The one drawback to this container and containers like it, is this doesn’t have any drainage. Give the root some space to breathe.

What I use is some stone. I just put a couple pieces of stone in there in the bottom. Those roots kind of keep above those rocks. The water can go down below the rocks and the roots will stay up above that level and not get waterlogged. The plant won’t drown. They’re pretty hearty little things. If you just squeeze the pot a little bit, to loosen up those roots, you can just pull it right out. My gosh. Look at those roots. This needs a new pot, in a major, major way. The next step is, just kind of seeing how it fits in.

Now, with those rocks down there, I really don’t need anymore dirt really. I might take a couple of those rocks out, give it a little bit more space. This is actually … Looking at these roots, this needs some, needs some extra space in that pot. Then, I’m just gonna put in some soil. Just a couple handfuls of that soil in the bottom. Don’t worry about making a mess. It’s part of the fun. And then, I break up these roots, just kind of tear at ’em a little bit. Seems kind of brutal, but this is going to stimulate this root growth. See how they’re kind of getting a little bit more room there? I just stick that right down in there. Yep. That’s the ticket. And then, just a little bit more soil around the edge.

And then, after you have your pot all planted, make sure to give it a really good drink, like super duper good. Don’t drown it though. Check back maybe the next day and give it another drink, just to get it established. Once plants are kind of settled in, I only really go back and water ’em about once a week. It’s usually plenty, unless you have a really thirsty plant. Then, you might wanna check on ’em mid week and just make sure it’s not too dry. It’s really that simple.

Now, I do have one other plant I’m going to plant. This is a Staghorn fern, another favorite. Doesn’t really need a lot of soil to live. It doesn’t like being bogged down in water. It does need some moisture. I use a totally different approach with this plant. I actually use an orchid mix. It doesn’t really bog down those roots, it kind of leaves it airy and helps the plant to breathe. I actually use this. It’s more like a bark actually. It kind of is more chunky. It just gives it that plant, the air that it really needs. I’m still gonna put some, just a rock or two in the bottom, because this also does not have any drainage, just to kind of protect the plant from getting too watered down there.

All right. This is actually potted in a pretty good soil mix right now. I’m gonna use some of that in here. I’m gonna just kind of break it up, and use some of that in this pot. I’m also going to use this orchid bark, because I really think these Staghorn ferns, they really do like having a little bit more space and air to move around. I’ll take that rock out. You can really push it right down in the soil, really give it some, a little bit of pressure to get those roots locked in, to their new home. Oh my gosh. I love it. It’s so cute. This white little boat. I don’t know exactly what this would be for. I think it was a serving dish. Dang, isn’t it cute with my little Staghorn in it? And then, these guys, they just grow so easy.

All right. I’m gonna put a little bit of bark on top of this Anthurium too, just to finish it off, just to give it that little finished feel. You can also put moss on top. You can do some moss or you could do stones, as opposed to just having that dirt on top. What do you think? I love ’em. They’re so cute. Don’t be intimidated by planting little houseplants. Don’t be intimidated about trying out something new. They are really proven to improve people’s mood, and they definitely improve your air quality. Give it a shot. Thanks so much for watching my video guys. Don’t forget to subscribe and check back for more videos soon. Have a great day.