Learn how to easily remove wallpaper with Color Theory

October 19, 2018

Andrea Lutz:

Hey, everyone. It’s Andrea Lutz and I’m here today at Sycamore Land Trust’s home office at Cedar Crest because we are painting some walls. And I’m here to meet Torlando Hakes with Color Theory because he is generously donating his time to make this office more beautiful.

Torlando Hakes:

So this building was donated by Keith and Helen Caldwell who world travelers, national environmentalists and political activists. It carries a lot of the aesthetics of home built in the 1950s. However, there are certain parts of it that are admittedly getting a little dated.

In the kitchen, they have a wallpaper border that we’re gonna be removing. They’ve got several, you know, dents and cracks and things like that that we’re gonna be addressing and patching up. And so I wanted to show you a little bit of the techniques that we use to remove wallpaper, paint and revitalize this kitchen.

Stripping wallpaper can feel a little intimidating when you don’t know the proper process. We like to use a wallpaper stripper called Chump this is by far one of the best wallpaper strippers I’ve used. Before we got here we started to peel back some of that top layer paper. With wallpaper there are two layers. There’s a top layer that has the print and then there’s a backing paper that is usually combined with the top paper that is used to kind of adhere to the wall.

The first step is to really peel back that top layer as much as it will go that way you can reveal the backing paper and you can spray your solution directly on to it. I like to use this garden pump sprayer. It’s really simple to use, applies the solution liberally and really speeds things along.

Andrea Lutz:

For more information on color theory, go to colortheorypainting.com. And to check out some more information on Sycamore Land Trust, you can visit sycamorelandtrust.org.