Learning About Sycamore Land Trust

June 10, 2018

Video Transcription:

Andrea:              Hey everyone, it’s Andrea Lutz with REMAX Acclaimed Properties, and I have been involved with Sycamore Land Trust for over 18 years, and I am here today at a Sycamore Land Trust Preserve, The Cedars Preserve. This place is really gorgeous, and I don’t know how much you guys know about Sycamore Land Trust but you should definitely go and visit a preserve.

Andrea:              They actually work very hard to keep the natural landscape here gorgeous for all of us in South Central Indiana. And I’m here with Abby Henkel. Who’s going to tell us more about it.

Abby:                  Well, welcome to the Cedars Preserve, and thank you so much for being a Sycamore member. Hi, I’m Abby Henkel, the Communications Director. I’ve been with Sycamore two years, and if you don’t know anything about us the gist is that we protect nature in Southern Indiana. We protect over 9,400 acres in 26 counties. So that means we steward it, we take care of the property. We bring people to the property. Places like the Cedars here, where there’s trails and things to look at. The beautiful creek, and we do a lot of environmental education. So we reach, this year it’ll be about 6,000 people.

Andrea:              Well why don’t you tell us a little bit about how people can get involved with Sycamore Land Trust, and how they can help make Sycamore even greater?

Abby:                  Well I think the number one way to get involved is to become a member. Places like this would not be protected if people didn’t help support it. Being a member is really inexpensive. It’s $40 a year and it’s a donation that just helps us take care of the land. But there’s lots of other ways. Lots of people volunteer on a property. So they come in and help us pull invasive species, which is a big part of our stewardship program. They help us lead educational hikes. You can come into the office and help us fold letters, and send donation thank yous to people. There’s a million different ways to get involved. The best way to find them out is to go sycamorelandtrust.org.

Andrea:              Awesome, well thanks so much Abby, it’s great being here and thanks for sharing your information about Sycamore and thanks for joining me here at this beautiful Preserve. I hope you all get to come out to a Preserve soon, and have your own times of enjoyment with the natural environment. Have a great day, until next time.