Home Renovations and Tiny Homes with Loren Wood

March 15, 2018

Loren Wood takes a break from his busy schedule to chat with us about his business, remodeling, new construction, and tiny homes.

Video transcription:

Andrea Lutz:                     Hey, everyone. It’s Andrea Lutz with RE/MAX Acclaimed Properties. And when people are buying and selling, there’s always this question, “Should we fix things up?” And when they’re buying a new home, it’s really exciting to do some remodeling. So I end up working with contractors, and designers, and architects all the time.

Andrea Lutz:                     One of my favorites is Loren Wood, and I have Loren Wood here today to tell us a little bit about what he does, his business, and also talk a little bit about this cool tiny home we’re sitting in. So Loren, share with us a little bit about your business.

Loren Wood:                    Well, we do predominantly residential, although we do have a commercial wing. We do a whole lot of renovations, and a little bit of new construction, and a little bit of light, what I would call, light commercial.

Loren Wood:                    Right now, we’re doing a couple of restaurants, a climbing gym, church renovation. So that’s at any given point what a snapshot of our work looks like. There’s about 35 of us on staff, so-

Andrea Lutz:                     Oh, wow. That’s a big team. So what sets you apart from maybe some of the other folks in town, like general contractors, that will come in and do a kitchen remodel, or just do some fixing up around the house?

Loren Wood:                    So to be clear, I think that we’ve got some good people in town, and I’ve got competitors that I recommend people to all the time, when I’m too busy. Or, when it just … The project isn’t the right fit. I think what differentiates us though, to answer your question, is my team, really.

Loren Wood:                    There’s no one else in Bloomington that I’m aware of that has a team of in-house carpenters, project managers, electricians, and support staff behind them that can come in and tackle the quality of projects and the variety of projects that we’re able to tackle at a given point.

Andrea Lutz:                     That’s cool, so in addition to doing like remodeling and some design work, you also do new construction?

Loren Wood:                    Yes, yeah.

Andrea Lutz:                     Is that something you enjoy doing? Is that a passion for you guys?

Loren Wood:                    You know, I’d say that we’re pretty passionate about everything that we do, whether it be a new construction project at 6,000 square feet, or a little backyard cottage, or playhouse, or tiny house, we like it and we’re in the service industry, just like you. And we help people, and I’d say we get excited about every project.

Andrea Lutz:                     Yeah, so you mentioned the tiny home. There’s a lot of people who are really excited about tiny living and small homes. So what got your juices flowing in doing a project like this?

Loren Wood:                    Well, we built this a little over a year ago for the home show last year, in fact, which was the end of February. And it was just the year before, we built a little playhouse, and we just … We are excited by the idea and the unique challenge of building a tiny home, some functionality, and so we just decided we were going to take the opportunity.

Andrea Lutz:                     Is there anything else that you want to share with our viewers on home renovation, new construction, or tiny homes, or anything else that is going on with you guys?

Loren Wood:                    I guess, in general, I would say we’ve got a lot of information on our website. If you please check out my website, lorenwoodbuiders.com, and a lot of information about what to think about if you’re remodeling. Or, if you have a project coming up. A lot of people are … When it comes to buying a home or building a home, just oftentimes get a little bit of paralysis in trying to think about, “What do I do? Do I keep the house that I have?”

Loren Wood:                    And you deal with these questions all the time, and just trying to lay out your priorities, and budget, and timeframe, and locational needs, and so we try to provide some guidance like that on the website. Mostly just like a variety of projects that we do. I guess one thing that I’d like to say to anybody who’s listening about our firm, is that a lot of people, I think, for whatever reason they think that all we do is new construction. When, in reality, that’s probably the smallest piece of what we do.

Loren Wood:                    The bottom line is, if you have any sort of project, please call me and talk to me about it. If we can’t do it, we’ll try and point you towards resources and other folks who can. A lot of times, there’s just a lot of questions and things that people don’t know when they’re considering doing a project, and I don’t mind being a resource that people ask oftentimes, “I don’t know if I should call you for something like that.”

Loren Wood:                    Call me all the time. My cell phone’s on the website. We’re not hard to get ahold of, and we want to be a resource, and I return every phone call and email. So reach out if you’ve got questions.

Andrea Lutz:                     Well, thanks so much, Loren.

Loren Wood:                    Thank you.

Andrea Lutz:                     I really, really appreciate it. Obviously, like he said, being a resource to you guys and getting projects done is really important to contractors like Loren, and business owners, and also to me. I have a huge list of people who I work with regularly, that I really enjoy working. Of course, Loren being one of them. So please reach out if I can help you or if you have any questions, as well. And thanks again for all of your time today. To everyone out there, thanks for watching and have a great day.