Make a Home Bar

January 16, 2019

I love hosting and I enjoy providing my guests with a delish drink while they visit. In this video I show you the simple steps I take to organize my home bar. Have fun!

Video Transcription

Hey, friends, it’s Andrea Lutz, and I’m here with month’s One-Drink Project, and I’m making a bar. And to help me get through this project, I have Oh, So Pretty by 18th Street, and this is a dry-hopped rye saison, so let’s get cracking.

I love entertaining, and when I entertain, I like having a drink, and I bet you do, too. And so I like having a place where my guests can go and make a drink of their own, or I can easily go and make a drink that they’ll enjoy.

When I moved into this house, they had a prep sink here, and I have a big kitchen and I’ve got a lovely sink right across the room, so it really isn’t necessary for me to have a prep sink. I went ahead and took out that sink and I had a piece of quartz cup for this space so I’d have a nice flat surface for my bar.

I decided I would find an old piece of wood to just level up those back bottles, so I could read the names and it would be a little bit more interesting. I had this piece of wood left over from a project that I had done before, and I just painted it this blue. It matches my bar stools, and really no one’s gonna see it, so you could just keep it that natural wood color if you want. But I just thought, why not. If there’s a bunch of bottles away, it’ll have a little pop of color, as well.

So then, after I had that made, and I had that in place, then it was just about sourcing the bar. Really, don’t get too picky about what you need in a bar. What’s gonna make a perfect bar? Just pick up the stuff that you like drinking and if you’ve got a best friend that likes coming over and having some drinks with you, make sure you have their drink, too. I just put whatever kind of drinks I like having in the bar, and really, it’s pretty easy to upkeep, as well. Just buy new bottles as they run out, or, get new varieties as you come up with new drinks that you enjoy having.

I’m not fussy about my glassware, either. I like to keep it really simple. I have a few things that I like to have in my bar. I like to have these stemless wine glasses. They’re really great. They work for white, they work for red, they work for juice, they work for whatever you wanna drink. These are really handy to have around, and I have about a dozen of them.

This is my favorite, favorite, rocks glass, and I do enjoy a bourbon, so I use these glasses a lot. I actually got them as a gift from one of my clients … Thank you … And I very much enjoy them, but any rocks glass will do. I also have some mugs, some pint glasses, and some snifters, as well, but really you don’t have to go over the top with this glassware. Just have the basics, and you’ll have everything you need.

One other thing that I like to do when I know I have some guests coming over, is I’ll add a couple of accents out on my bar, maybe some chocolates and some cookies. That way, when they’re coming over to make themselves a drink, they can have a little treat, as well.

All right, well, there you have it. Here is our bar, and of course, I’m a bourbon and whiskey drinker, so I have those up front. That’s what I’m hitting the most, but you customize your bar to what you like most, and make it best for you. It’s your home, it’s your taste. So, go out and have fun, buy yourself some booze, make yourself a bar, throw a party or have just one friend over. Or, just build a fire and have a drink by yourself. Cheers.

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