Midwest Winter Curb Appeal

January 9, 2017

Even if you aren’t planning on selling your home, and especially if you are, curb appeal is always an important aspect of your home design. This is your homes first impression. Outdoor design can be tricky in the Midwest winters with the cold weather and absence of greenery, but there are some quick tweaks you can do to make a big impact.

First and foremost, make sure your driveway and walkways are shoveled and de-iced. The last thing you want is for your visitor to get wet feet or slip and fall. If snow is not an issue, make sure they are clean of any dirt or debris. Also, don’t forget a good doormat so your guests can clean their shoes before coming in.

After the fall mums have died and pumpkins are disposed of be sure to update your patio with new décor. Empty pots can be filled with sticks, evergreens and pinecones. No need to dump out the dirt just clip some twigs and greenery from your yard and stick them in the dirt. Make the branches three times as tall as the greenery and use the pinecones to cover the exposed dirt. If you don’t have any flower pots already on your doorstep you can buy a cheap terre cotta pot for just a few dollars. Don’t worry if you aren’t a seasoned florist, this is meant to be rustic and doesn’t need to be perfect to be beautiful. This same strategy can be used to update window boxes. Even now in January, it isn’t too late to update your front stoop. It will be a good three to four months before we will be able to show off any budding blooms.

If you have chairs or a nice porch swing use flannel, wool or faux fur blankets to warm up the look. Simply drape them over the chair. Throw a couple cozy pillows out as well if you have some laying around. You’ll be surprised what this little touch does to make the front of your home more inviting.

One of the nice things about Indiana winters is that we get windows of warm weather. Use one of those warm days to paint your front door. This is a good curb appeal tip year-round, but a bright clean door stands out during winter and helps keep your house from looking drab. Push yourself a little and choose something energizing like red or yellow, this will certainly make your house stand out.

Even if you missed the window in late fall, take the opportunity now to clip back any dead branches or perennial and annual flowers in your flower beds. You can have the most pulled together, inviting, porch design but if your gardens look in disarray your first impression won’t be top notch.

These are just a few suggestions. For more ideas check out my Midwest Winter Patio board on Pinterest. Follow my board for new ideas every week. Pinterest @AndreaLutzHomes

Photo Credit: Avotakka