Moving with Pets

July 31, 2017

Moving with pets definitely requires a little extra organization. I have had pets since just a few weeks after I purchased my first home so I understand first hand how these little monsters can influence a move. Here is some advice I give to my clients when they have pets to consider while buying and selling a home.

When Selling:

When you are getting ready to sell your home you don’t want any signs of animals in your home. Anyone looking at a home will prefer it perfectly tidy which means no dog/cat bowls, beds or toys laying around. The most important aspect when selling your home is having it spic and span. That means absolutely no pet smells or hair laying around. Clean, scrub and clean again. While your home is on the market make this a daily ritual. It is the best investment you can make to ensure your home will sell quickly and for the most money!

When you have interested buyers coming to see your home, put away all your pets belongings (it’s ok to just stow it in a closet) and get your loved pets out of the home. There is no better deterrent for potential buyers than a barking dog or a runaway kitten. Find a friend or neighbor who can watch over them for the hour, or if nothing else, just put them in your car and drive around for a bit.

When Moving:

Moving wtih pets is tricky. You have all the chaos of packing and unpacking which can really stress your dogs and cats. You know your pet best so you will know if stress will be a major factor. Find a way to make a safe and stable environment for them so they feel comfortable. While actively moving out or into your new home find a friend or relative to care for your pet or board them for a day or two. This will make it easier on you AND your pet.

Before you’re all packed up be sure to pack a box of all the supplies you will need for your pet when you first move in. Include a few days of food, treats, their leash, any medications. Don’t forget to pack their favorite blanket and toys to help them snuggle into their new abode.

Before bringing your pet into the home take some time to pet proof the house. Make sure there aren’t any hazards. Get down at floor level to ensure nothing is missed.

When you have all your belongings in the new home retrieve your pet and give them a room by room tour. Next, set them up with a little cozy spot all their own.

It’ll take some extra effort but in the end, they are worth it. I mean just look at this cutie pie AKA “The Diego Dog” with my two kiddos.