Neighborhood Halloween

October 17, 2017

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love that I can dress up like a total goof, pull out the sewing machine and make homemade costumes and decorate my house in ridiculous ways.

This year my son wanted a classic white sheet ghost costume – super fun!

I have to admit that even though I’ve always loved Halloween I never once thought about how my choice in a neighborhood would influence my experience. Luckily, I landed in Halloween heaven. I live in a neighborhood where there are lots of kiddos. Interestingly enough I don’t need kids for Halloween, but it sure does help get the rest of the hood involved.

Walking down my street you see all different types of decorations, tacky in your face blow up zombies all the way to Martha Stewart ceramic pumpkins and classy fall wreaths. I guess I’m a sucker for any reason to dress up my home so I get into it. This year I let the kids do the decorations and it was a ton of fun. So much of my enjoyment comes from the process.

Pumpkins carved and webs out – we’re ready.

I also love that I have a group of neighbors who have become good friends and who are also into Halloween. We all get together, fill up a wagon with cold drinks, and go door to door with the kids, eating candy along the way. We finish the evening with a pizza party and movie night. I feel so lucky to have such a great environment. It’s hard to think through all these little things when buying a house, but think about holidays, think about who your neighbors will be (if you care) and think about what it will feel like in that home throughout the year.

I have to say, Halloween is one of those days I’m super thankful I landed where I did.

Last year I re-purposed my sons old banana costume, added a cape and a mask and went as Captain Banana. It was a riot!