Quick Garden Curb Appeal

June 19, 2019

Gardening can seem like a big task when you don’t know where to start, but with only a few small projects you can transform the front of your house from drab to inviting.

Clean Flower Beds – Most homes have an area for planting in front of the home or along the sidewalk or driveway. Clear out any weeds or overgrown plants. If it isn’t adding beauty to your home, get rid of it.

Create a Nice Edge – Use a flat edge spade to create a nice sharp edge to your planting areas and garden. Use the shovel to cut around the boundary and eliminate any grass or weeds spilling over into your flower beds. For an elevated look, use stone or brick to create a border.

Choose Easy Plants – Visit your local garden center and ask for perennials or shrubs that are local and easy to care for. Choosing plants that are local and drought resistant will make them much easier to maintain year over year. Be sure to water them regularly until they are well established.

Mulch – Spreading new mulch will make your home look fresh and well cared for. Simply spread it around the base of all your plants and fill your bedding area. Usually, 1-2 inches thick will be enough.

Add Containers – Put a few pots around your front door and fill them with colorful annuals. These will dry out quickly so make sure they will be easy to water and water often.

Do these simple steps once a year and you will be so pleased with the results.