Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, REPAIR

December 12, 2019

I hear a lot about reduce, reuse, recycle, but I can’t say I hear a lot about repair. It’s true, we live in a disposable society and things aren’t made the way they used to be. It’s also true people aren’t investing in quality clothing or housewares like they used to. So this year I’m making that change. Instead of buying a cheap shirt that will get me through a season, I’ll buy a quality shirt that will last me a few years. When I get a stain, instead of it throwing out I’ll treat it and wash it. With high-quality material and construction, it will take the washing well and I will be able to continue wearing it.

This year when the weather got cold I noticed both of my winter coats needed mending and my winter boots were busted. Since my boots were high quality they were well worth fixing instead of replacing. I brought them into Joseph’s Shoe Repair, a wonderful local cobbler here in Bloomington. They were able to fix my boot heels and shine them up good as new. It only cost me $35 bucks, a fraction of what new boots would have cost (plus my old boots would have gone into the landfill).

When I looked over my coats I noticed they were missing buttons and the liners were badly damaged. I ran out to a craft store and purchased some new buttons and thread that matched the coats and liners. For under $10 and a bit of time I was able to sew on new buttons and mend all the holes in the lining.

I thought it was going to be a pain to work on this after a long day, but I built a fire, put on a good show and got after it. I am happy to report my coats turned out great and I’m now ready for winter with no new purchases needed.

Give it a shot – I bet you’ll surprise yourself. Many items can be fixed if you just give it the time and effort to do it.