Selling Your Home | Part 2 – Repair, Clean, Declutter and Stage

December 31, 2018

First impressions are super important when you go to sell your home. Make sure the house is in tip top shape, super clean and staged. In this video, I go through some of the most important things to consider when you are ready to list your home for sale.

Video Transcription:

Hey friends, it’s Andrea Lutz, and I’m here to talk to you today about selling your some, and step number two is getting it ready to list.

So there are a lot of things that people think they need to do to get their house ready to put on the market, but a lot of it really isn’t that necessary. So let’s start from the very beginning.

Step number one is repairs. Just make sure you do the things that you would want done if you were looking at a house. Clean out the gutters, power wash the side of the house, get your HVAC maintenance. If you have any appliances that aren’t working right, get them fixed. And without a doubt, make sure all your light bulbs in your house are working. Just those small things that make a big difference to a new buyer.

The second thing that you’ll want to do is clean. And I’m not talking about just sweeping the floor, I mean a deep, hearty clean. Really get in those nooks and crannies. Clean off your window sills, wipe down the top of your refrigerator that you forgot was even there for years and years. Get down on your hands and knees, and get all of those corners that really haven’t seen that nice touch in a long time. Kitchen and bathrooms can get gritty in a day, so really spend some time scrubbing down those countertops, making sure that your sinks are clean, your floors are clean, that’s what people want to see.

And don’t forget, when you’re cleaning that house, make sure to deodorize your home. If you’re smokers, or if you have pets, or if you like to cook food that has lots of spices in it, make sure that that house is clean and fresh. Open up your doors and windows, let the fresh air in. A lot of people do like using candles and oil diffusers, but those can be a very heavy scent, and can actually turn some people off. So use light, airy, clean smells in your home. If it smells clean, other people are gonna like it as well.

Step number three, declutter that home. I know these things are things you love, and those are things that you use every day, but get it out of your main areas. The people that are coming into your home to look at your house to potentially buy it, they want to see a model home. They want it to look like no one’s ever lived there. So, get all the stuff off the counter tops, get all the stuff off the floor, big wide open passageways, and open up those shutters, open up the blinds, and get as much light in as you can.

So walk around your house, and get some of those personal things out of your home. Personal pictures of you and your kiddos, I’m sure they are super adorable, but your new buyers are not interested in looking at those pictures of y’all, so get those down. If you have memorabilia, if you have collectables, those can be super wonderful for you, but it cen be clutter to somebody else. So, take all of that stuff off the shelves, give it a good wipe down, and just do a couple little accents to make it look nicely staged.

The other thing you really want to do, is make sure to get rid of any extra furniture. So, if you have all these side tables because you like doing work while you’re sitting there and watching TV, or you like eating while you’re watching TV, or maybe in your kitchen you like doing work on your kitchen island, or in your dining room, think about who’s coming into your home. They want to see the dining room is where you eat your food. That’s the dining room, and nothing else happens in there, except for eating the food. So get all that stuff out of there that doesn’t look like it’s actual dining room stuff.

What I usually advise my sellers to do, is to go ahead and get started packing. I mean, you’re moving out, right? So, if you’re not gonna be using that stuff in the next couple months while you’re selling your home, just go ahead and start getting that stuff boxed up. You can get it in a storage space, or if you don’t want to spend the money on a storage space, you can just put it in your garage. Clean out that house, and get it ready to sell.

So the other thing that goes along with decluttering, is staging. And I offer some staging to my clients when I work with them, but if you’re doing this on your own, just think about that model home that I talked about. Really minimize that furniture, open up those windows and blinds, and if you’ve got lots of different kinds of curtains, you can get a cheap curtain panel for just a couple bucks at IKEA, throw those around the room. That’s gonna make it look light, and bright, and just nice wide open walkways. And then, maybe even getting a few new towels for your bathrooms, that can really help. Putting out a cook book in your kitchen instead of all the clutter, taking off those kitchen appliances and putting them away, all of that makes a huge difference.

So when you get ready to sell your home, keep this in mind. Repairs, fix up those couple things around the house that really need to be fixed. Clean, deep scrub. Clean out all the areas, and make it fresh and clean. And step number three is declutter and stage. Just get rid of all of those things that aren’t necessary in your home, so your home looks light, and bright, and open, and airy. The less stuff you have in the house, the bigger it’s gonna look to those new buyers.

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