Spring Clean Up

March 5, 2017

I love being outdoors and I love gardening. Today represents one of my favorite days in the year… the day to rake up the dead leaves, cut back the old blooms and make way for fresh starts.

Cutting back my perennials gives me great satisfaction. I love how these dead remnants still hold wild pungent scents of lavender and sage. It happens every year that I get started cleaning my garden out and I don’t want to quit. I want to get right into planting new bright blooms, but I have to remind myself that these things happen in stages.

Right about when you see these beauties pop up it’s time to prepare your garden for all the rest of the spring growth. Be careful not to tear out fresh starts of daffodils, lilies and irises when you are raking.

My poor sedum is ready for spring but the old growth is standing in it’s way.

Clearly, this is not the way you want your front garden to look!

Ah… so much better. Now we’re ready for spring!

Next step, mulch, and restraining myself at the garden store from spending $300 on plants.

NOW! Get after it people! Make your gardens happy.